2014-2017 Compositing Reel

This is short and fast version of my reel. I usually show this reel to supervisors. Contains mostly compositing, matte painting works in lots of commercials which I had chance to work with big production companies and agencies in Istanbul.

Breakdown Reel

2014-2017 Compositing Reel

This reel is more detailed and informative about what i am doing with my computer. What kind of specific work is done in commercials and movies. There are good examples of creative and technical work. 

ipragaz Pissi - TV Commercial Breakdown

2014 Compositing Breakdown

This is one of the good example of commercial including green screen compositing, warping, cleaning and some 3d works i have experienced with my other friends.

Karaoglan - Feature Movie Breakdown

2013 Compositing Breakdown

This is one of my feature movies i have experienced when freelancing in 2013. Over 50 shots which have compositing, matte painting, blood painting, 3d arrow animations kind works done in a couple weeks.

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