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My story shortly

         I am working on a computer for a very long time. I was painting on my computer at 12. After 16, learned graphic design, retouching, photography. When i was 20 I decided to go further and learn more complicated arts which is visual effects. At 21, i was working one of the best studio in Istanbul which has a big plato, motion control ( milo ) and a great team. 

5 years I worked for different studios and both as a team or an individual. I worked for 10+ feature movies and over 150+ commercials. After a short time working as a freelancer i found a studio in Istanbul and made a small team in 2014. We designed many popular commercials when working for big agencies and production companies.

Now after 10 years of learning and creating motion pictures, i have passion for  film making never as before. 

My Resume :